We don't just talk the Kingdom, we work the Kingom.

Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 A.M.

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Criminal Mind Class (God V.O.I.C.E.)



We believe in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit.  They [He] are One.  They have no beginning, and they have no end -- as they always have and always will exist. 

God The Father is the master architect of the heavens and earth.  He created man for fellowship and worship.  Upon man's sin in the garden, [it was His plan] that was activated to bring about our full redemption and reconciliation through Jesus Christ. 


God The Son, Jesus Christ, was at the beginning with God, was God,  and was made flesh to initiate the redemption process.  His blood forgives our sins, His resurrection justifies us, and we will be glorified at His appearance.  After His resurrection, He ascended to the Father to sit at His right hand to pray for us, sent the Holy Spirit as another Comforter, and will soon return to the earth as King.


God The Holy Spirit is our Helper, Comforter, and Guide.  He enables us to live a godly life and to complete our earthly ministries by empowering us with His fruit and gifts, convicting us of our sins, revealing the thoughts of The Father to us and sealing us for the Great Day of Redemption. We believe in GOD!


Phone App Beta Testing

Help us test our new phone app before we submit it to Apple & Google stores by downloading it by scanning your phone over the QR Code with your camera and adding it to your phone home page to use it.    

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Octobr 4, 2021

Update:  As the majority of our members have been vaccinated, we resumed sanctuary worship as of July 4, 2021.  Services are currently 1 hour. 

Beginning November 7, 2021, we are planning on expanding to a full worship service that will include singing along with our regular liturgy.

As of this date, ALL attendees will still be required to wear masks as per CDC guidelines. submit to temperture checks prior to entrance, and social distancing.

If you are planning on worshiping with us, please be advised of our protocols as there will be no exceptions but for those participating during worship from the pulpit area.

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